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Duluth Fiber

Enabling competition

Making Internet Affordable for Everyone

Duluth Fiber Connects Us


Spring 2021 – City of Duluth Council approves $1M in Broadband Funding

Summer 2022 – City of Duluth Council approves the Broadband Master Plan

Summer 2022 – City of Duluth applies for MN Border-to-Border Grant

Fall 2022 – “Sign-Up” as Interested in the Duluth Fiber Project

The Duluth Fiber Project

COVID-19 demonstrated the greater need for reliable and affordable internet access. Last year the City adopted a resolution and $1M in funding with the goal of increasing the number of internet providers to close the gaps in service and affordability for residents. This summer City Council approved the Broadband Master Plan (LINK) and recommendations for a Duluth Fiber project.

Lincoln Project

A pilot project will bring affordable, optional fiber internet to 1,900 households in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. This project would begin in 2023 and begin serving customers in 2024. Greater digital access for small businesses and residents is recognized as essential for a strong and resilient economy. Taking an active role in digital access policy and infrastructure, the City of Duluth will evaluate pilot project as it works towards developing Duluth Fiber city-wide.

What Can Duluth Fiber Do?

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